Celegin Precision Timing is an independent Swedish watch maker founded in 2021. All watches have a strong dedication to Swedish traditions and icons within aviation, military and design. The watches are made with top specifications, material, tolerances and automatic mechanical Swiss movements.

Founded by a watch enthusiast, the main motivation behind this brand is a love and passion for watches. What matters most is the watch experience that one can have with our watches. Therefore, special attention is paid to every detail and in everything we do. The ambition is always to provide an experience that we would prefer as watch owners and enthusiasts.


E-mail us at tid@celegin.se and we’ll get back as soon as we can.

More than just time

Although we strive after having the most reliable, high quality automatic mechanical movements in our watches, we rarely believe that one has a watch primarily to tell time. Wearing a watch is so much more than just time. It’s about who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going. Some say it’s a way of expressing yourself without a saying a word.

With watches, there are millions of options and preferences. That’s one of the elegant beauties of watches: you can choose what you like. The watch is likely also the only thing you can and will bring anywhere. If you go swimming, you’d leave your keys. If you go climbing, you’d probably not carry your wallet. If you go flying, you wouldn’t carry any sharp objects. The watch on the other hand, goes everywhere. Every scratch, every mark and every dent will tell a history of the experiences its owner has had.

A properly maintained and serviced watch may be there for decades and can be passed on to the next generation of adventurers.

Our concept: the Swedish connection

One of the most difficult decisions to reach was what kind of concept we wanted to have. Considering there are so many great watch brands, designs and models out there, we wanted to do something unique. While many may want to conquer the world, we turned the other way and decided to make something truly dedicated to Sweden.

All our watch models have a connection to a Swedish tradition or icon within aviation, military or design. Our pilot watches are dedicated to Swedish made fighter jets; our diver watch is dedicated to the Swedish combat divers and our upcoming racing watch is dedicated to a classic Swedish sports car from the 1960’s: Volvo P1800.

To manifest the connection; all text and print on the watches are in Swedish language.

Design philosophy

What kind of watch experience would you want to have? This is the question that we always ask ourselves at the onset of every design development. We take pride in that we design everything in-house. Our design philosophy can be broken down in three parts: model concept, design and details.

The model concept is about what kind of watch we want to make; e.g. would it be a pilot watch or racing chronograph? We then formulate ideas and the basic design specs for the watch (type, size, complications, etc.). Developing a model concept can take anything from days to months (or even years). It’s a process where many parameters are evaluated and many permutations are possible.

The design phase brings the concept into a design of a specific watch. The number of iterations during the design phase can vary from few to many. The design matures from the crude first iterations to the final iterations where the watch starts close in on its final form.

The detailed design is where the magic happens. This is where seemingly meaningless details are evaluated and developed so that the watch gets its own identity. It can be a discussion about the color of the date wheel or the finishing of a small detail. The prototypes sometimes tell us something we didn’t anticipate during design, which is why we always prototype all watches before we venture into production.

The design process looks beyond the design of the watch. The whole experience; from learning about the watch, to ordering it and owning it matters. To that end, our watches don’t come in glossy lacquered wooden boxes that only occupy unnecessary space once the watch is out. Instead, our watches come in canvas watch rolls that can be used on a daily basis. We always include an additional strap and the necessary tools, plus a cleaning cloth.

Collaborations, Distribution, Special Watches etc.

We are open for ideas regarding collaborations, distribution and creation of special watches. Please get in touch with us via tid@celegin.se

Reviews & Social Media

To the extent possible, we provide the opportunity to borrow our watches/prototypes for reviews/photography/videos etc. We typically cover the round trip shipment but offer no forms of compensation or free watches.

Leonard Celegin, Founder of Celegin Precision Timing

Distributors & Dealers

Wild Gear www.wildgear.no

Company Info

Company name: Celegin Precisionstidagning AB

Organisational number: 559333-7149

Company address: c/o Celegin, Lyckevägen 6a, 435 43 Mölnlycke, Sweden
(all watches are stored at a separate, locked, alarmed and guarded location)