These are the warranty terms and conditions for purchases from Celegin Precision Timing (“Celegin”).

Warranty coverage

Unless otherwise noted, all Celegin watches are warrantied against mechanical malfunction arising from parts failure or assembly errors for two (2) years from the date of delivery. The date of delivery is specified on the warranty certificate.

Warranty certificates & cards

At the time of delivery, all Celegin watches are issued a unique, electronic warranty certificate to the buyer via e-mail. A warranty card is supplied together with the watch so that the owner of the watch can verify the information against the certificate. Celegin keeps a record of all watches’ unique and their corresponding warranty numbers. Celegin reserves the right to reject a warranty claim should the claimant be unable to provide the information stated on the warranty certificate or warranty card.

Warranty via authorized dealers and retailers

Should the purchase be made through an authorized dealer or retailer, the claim has to be addressed to where it was purchased first.

International warranty

For international clients, we reserve the right to reimburse you for documented costs of repairs done locally, in order to avoid the costs and risks of international shipping. The repairs need to be made by an authorized watch maker.

We may ask you to get a repair estimate before a repair is done, and may decide to have you return the watch to us in Sweden for repair. Customs forms need to be marked as a return for repair under warranty, as they will on the return shipment.

Warranty restrictions

The warranty doesn’t cover:

  1. Defects or malfunction from the modification or alteration of the watch.
  2. Wear and tear from normal use and defects or malfunction arising from careless use. This includes, but is not limited to scratches, marks and nicks on the case, scratches and nicks of the crystal, strap and bracelet wear, damaged buckles and springbars.
  3. Damage that arises from unauthorized disassembly. The warranty will also be voided if you open the caseback.
  4. Damages to the date change mechanism in case of improper date adjustments (please refer to the instruction manual), improper adjustments of bracelets and straps, damages to threads from applying too much force.
  5. Magnetization of the watch.
  6. Defects or malfunction that have arisen from impacts or other damage.
  7. Normal variations and deviations within our quality parameters. This includes but is not limited to minor variations in print and illumination, microscopic imperfections, and a bezel misalignment less than 1/4 of a minute (1.5 degrees).

Warranty expiration

The warranty will expire two (2) years after the delivery date indicated in the warranty certificate. If a watch is repaired or replaced under warranty, the original date and expiry will be retained. For regular servicing and repair after expiration of the warranty period, please get in touch with Celegin for servicing.

Warranty claims

All warranty claims need to be raised in writing to without undue delay. Celegin may required photography or video demonstrating the malfunction. Celegin also reserves the right to do troubleshooting prior to repair or replacement.