Celegin Precision Timing is eponymous of its founder’s last name

Leonard Celegin – Founder

Mainly inolved in design related activities.

Leonard Celegin

Erik Nilzén – Brand Manager

Erik is in charge of the company, its operational activities and development the brands. Erik is also a partner of the company.

Erik Nilzén

Pontus Lindstedt – Webmaster

Pontus is the latest addition to the team and also a full blooded watch enthusiast. Pontus deals with the web page, web shop and IG account.

Pontus Lindstedt

Kine Bergmann – Administration

Kine manages the administration and makes sure that all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

Mario Celegin – Quality & Engineering

Mario’s moderate involvement in watches is well compensated with bringing the extra eye for detail to what we do. 

Extended Team

Our small team is also supported by what we consider being the extended team. This includes some very appreciated contributors to what we do.