We’re happy to announce not only one, but two big news in regards to our next watch: Celegin Helgonet 38.

First, the production start date has been set and if all goes to plan, the watch will be launched and ready for delivery by the end of August!

Second, we’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Helgonet 38 (klick on the image above or here to see the page). The main reason for this is not funding (the production will start regardless of if the campaign is successful or not), but rather that we’re curious to see what other audiences we’re able to reach by this. The campaign ends on 16th May, 18:00 CET. Please spread the word and feel free to support!

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that enables people to support projects in return for rewards, such as a discounted offer. In line with the general practices, we’ve set the three reward tiers at significantly lower levels than our pre-order and coming list prices.

For those that already have made a pre-order, we’ll refund the difference between our “super early bird” reward and the paid pre-order in case of a successful campaign. If one decides to place a pre-order until the end of the campaign we’ll offer a refund (in the event of a successful funding) equivalent to the difference to the best award available at the time of the order.

We’ll also offer three stretch target goals that will be included for those who’ve backed the campaign:

1: EUR 20 000 funding or above: Red racing strap in crazy horse leather.

2: EUR 30 000 funding or above: Special designed coasters

3: EUR 40 000 funding or above: We’ll make the white dialed version of Helgonet available as an option.

Thanks for all your support!

Leonard Celegin & Team