Release of the Helgonet 38!

Dear customers!

First of all thank you to all that made a pre-order on the Celegin Helgonet 38.

We’re happy to announce that the Helgonet 38 has now been released. All fully paid orders will be shipped within the upcoming weeks. Everyone with a reservation/pre-order will receive an e-mail with more information once your watch has been dispatched.

If you wish to get in touch with us, as always, feel free to send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Click here to contact us.

Click here to read more about the Celegin Helgonet 38.

Celegin Helgonet 38, ref. P18H
Photo by Anders Törmä


We are getting close! – Helgonet 38

Thanks to all of you for your patience with our release of the Celegin Helgonet 38. All watches are now received and are undergoing final QC before we start shipping. Due to a clerical error, we managed to somehow procure the wrong dimension of screw drivers for our new screwed bracelet. The new batch of screw drivers will be shipped to us next week and we’ll start shipping the pre-ordered watches as soon as we can!

If you have any questions, please let us know.
Send us an email on tid@celegin.se.

In the meantime, read more about the Celegin Helgonet 38 here!


Big Update on Helgonet 38: Live on Kickstarter

We’re happy to announce not only one, but two big news in regards to our next watch: Celegin Helgonet 38.

First, the production start date has been set and if all goes to plan, the watch will be launched and ready for delivery by the end of August!

Second, we’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Helgonet 38 (klick on the image above or here to see the page). The main reason for this is not funding (the production will start regardless of if the campaign is successful or not), but rather that we’re curious to see what other audiences we’re able to reach by this. The campaign ends on 16th May, 18:00 CET. Please spread the word and feel free to support!

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that enables people to support projects in return for rewards, such as a discounted offer. In line with the general practices, we’ve set the three reward tiers at significantly lower levels than our pre-order and coming list prices.

For those that already have made a pre-order, we’ll refund the difference between our “super early bird” reward and the paid pre-order in case of a successful campaign. If one decides to place a pre-order until the end of the campaign we’ll offer a refund (in the event of a successful funding) equivalent to the difference to the best award available at the time of the order.

We’ll also offer three stretch target goals that will be included for those who’ve backed the campaign:

1: EUR 20 000 funding or above: Red racing strap in crazy horse leather.

2: EUR 30 000 funding or above: Special designed coasters

3: EUR 40 000 funding or above: We’ll make the white dialed version of Helgonet available as an option.

Thanks for all your support!

Leonard Celegin & Team


Update – Busy New Year!

Celegin Helgonet (ref. P18H)
Photo: Anders Törmä

Just about a year ago, we were preparing for our first release: the Celegin Draken F. A year later, we have produced four series along with a bunch of prototypes. We’ve learned a lot, made many mistakes, overcome a few hurdles and had a load of fun. Here’s a brief update and our current plans and thoughts.

Helgonet (ref. P18H)

The watch we plan to produce next is the Celegin Helgonet (ref. P18H). The prototypes were finished just before Christmas and we’ll bombard you guys with nice photos taken by Anders Törmä! All our funds from sold watches go directly to produce new ones. Since the fall has been a bit slow for the whole watch industry – us included – we are evaluating other options to realize this watch. More info to come.

Swedish AD

During the spring, if all goes as planned, we’ll have our watches available for purchase through a small, niched physical store in Sweden. More info to follow.

Norwegian AD

During the first half of this year, we’ll close our Norwegian operation (Henma AS). The main reason for this is that we struggle to find time to run two companies in parallel. The Norwegian community has shown incredible interest and support for our designs. Therefore, we plan on having an appropriate AD setup in Norway.


We’ll participate in Oslo Swap Meet and the Fredrikstad GTG. We hope to see you guys in other events too and will keep you posted. Who knows, we may even arrange one ourselves?


In parallel with the other planned models, Draken Chronograph Automatic (ref. J35KSI) and Viggen Cockpit GMT (ref. J37XC), we are working with a different concept that we hope to launch this summer. More info to follow!

Celegin + Diaboliq Straps

We’re shortly going to offer special designed straps from the high-end custom strap make Diaboliq Straps.

Cooperations and custom watches

We are in dialogues regarding custom watches and hope to realize a project this year. If you belong to an association, military regiment/battalion or company that would want to make a special edition based on one of our concepts, please get in touch with us.

As always, you’ll reach us at tid@celegin.se

Leonard, Erik & team


Helgonet – Prototype next

Celegin Helgonet (ref. P18H)

About a month ago, we announced our two upcoming productions: Viggen “Akka” (ref. J37A) and Helgonet (ref. P18H). The Viggen “Akka” is well underway and is expected to be launched in mid-November as planned. We’ll release more information and some beautiful pictures shortly.

Helgonet has now finally reached its prototype stage and we hope to see it “in the metal” in shortly before Christmas. We’re obviously very happy about this new design since it adds a few dimensions that we’ve been looking for to develop:

  • The new 38 mm case
  • Stepped, sunburst dial
  • A classic, somewhat more dressy watch

One of the most common questions we get is if we’re planning on making watches that are smaller in size than our current 41.5-42.5 mm pieces. These are based on our 41 mm case. While 41-42 mm is an optimal size for many, many have also found that the 38-39 mm range is very befitting and comfortable.

We’re a super small company with limited means and therefore we have to take each development and evolution step by step. Helgonet was originally designed on both the 41 mm and the 38 mm case, but we ended up going for the latter only. The bezel diameter will be 38.5 mm with a fairly dominating stepped dial in black and turquoise.

Following Viggen “Akka”, Helgonet will not only add more color to our range but also sunburst dials. Where Draken, Treudd and Viggen are all in the “tool watch” cathegory, Helgonet is an excellent opportunity to bring more life to the dial.

Being a slightly more dressy watch and in order to capture the 60’s vibe, both the hands and the indexes will be polished. In combination with the sunburst dial, we believe Helgonet will add a new dimension to the watch experience that we want to give.

The no-date version of SW200 (1 b) has a longer lead time than the date version (SW200-1 a). Our hopes of having Helgonet ready for launch in or around February are therefore not longer feasible and we’re looking at summer 2023 as the planned release for this exciting piece!

Helgonet is open for discounted pre-order in our web shop.

More information and specifications can be found here.


Our two next productions: Viggen “Akka” and Helgonet 38

We’re hereby happy to announce that we have set the plans for our next two productions. Here’s a short intro. We’ll come back with in depth presentations separately.

Celegin Viggen “Akka”

Model reference: J37A

Celegin Viggen “Akka”

While we’re waiting for the Celegin Viggen Cockpit GMT, we have decided to put a white, time & date version into production in the meanwhile. The Viggen “Akka” is powered by the same excellent Swiss automatic mechanical movement as Draken and Treudd: Sellita SW220-1. The Viggen “Akka” is already in production and will be ready for delivery in mid-November.

Full description and specifications are found here.

Helgonet 38

Celegin Helgonet 38, ref P18H

Helgonet, Swedish for “The Saint” is our first watch in the beloved 38 mm size (38.5mm across the bezel). Heavily inspired by a Swedish motor sports icon from the 1960’s, this watch represents a lot of “firsts” for us as a brand. Helgonet 38 will be ready for delivery in or around February 2023.

Full description and specifications are found here.

As always, we’re available via e-mail: tid@celegin.se