We’re super happy to announce that as off 19th May 2023, Celegin Precision Timing will be exclusively represented by Wild Gear in Norway for the Norwegian market. Wild Gear and Celegin have a similar philosophy when it comes to doing something unique while at the same striving for the highest quality.

This also adds the possibility for Norwegian clients to see the watches in real life in the Wild Gear showroom located at Skjærvaveien 18, 1466 Strømmen.

Feel free to also check out all the other cool stuff that can be obtained via Wild Gear.

Web shop in Norway

If you’re residing in Norway and want to place an order for a Celegin watch without having to import it from Sweden, please go to www.wildgear.no/celegin. The prices include Norwegian VAT and tracked postal shipping in Norway.

If you want to place an order directly from Celegin Precision Timing, that’s also possible but then you’ll be liable for import duties and VAT.

Norwegian Customers with Pending Pre-orders

If you have a pending pre-order via Celegin Precision Timing in Sweden, your order will be delivered from there. If you have a pending pre-order via Henma AS, this will be delivered by Wild Gear.


If you have any questions or thoughts, or if there’s something from the Celegin line-up that you’re not finding at Wild Gear, just send us an e-mail to either tid@celegin.se or morten@wildgear.no.

On behalf of Celegin and Wild Gear, we’re very happy to finally be able to announce this partnership! 🙂