We’re hereby happy to announce that Erik Nilzén has joined the Celegin Team!

Erik Nilzén

Some of you may know Erik from various forums and the IG profile @doktornsklockor. He’s also one of the co-founders and writers of Doingtime.se.

Erik has been a strong supporter of us since day one. A fellow watch enthusiast with a similar taste and background, his feedback, questions and thoughts have been of great value. Erik was one of our first buyers and took the initiative to start “Celegin Watch Club” on Facebook. Amongst all, his constant support (and challenging questions) have been highly appreciated all the way.

Celegin Precision Timing has grown from producing a first production, to being ready for launch of our fourth production in a couple of months. As watch enthusiasts, the most important thing for us is to pass on a good watch experience. In order to do that, we need to have more people on board.

Therefore, Erik was approached this summer about the possibility to join the team. To manifest his commitment (and ours), Erik will also be a partner with a minority ownership of the company. His formal entry to the team is effective today, 2022-08-17.

Erik will deal with some operational activities along with developing our small brand. We are also planning a project that we hope to launch next summer, for which Erik will be responsible.