This week we were featured in two major publications: Fratello Watches and New York Times! The latter was about Oslo Swap Meet, where we were invited to participate along with 10-12 other brands. As always, we’re extremely happy, grateful and humble about being featured like this! Links to both articles below.

Fratello Watches: “The best microbrands to keep an eye on in 2023”

We’re very humble to be featured a third time in Fratello Watches (one of the biggest online watch news outlets). This time as part of a microbrands that they look forward to seeing more from this year. Link to the article here. We’re very proud to be mentioned together with such an impressive line-up of brands!

New York Times & Oslo Swap Meet

We participated in this year’s first Oslo Swap Meet in the beginning of February. Among a dozen or so other brands, we got to meet the local watch community again. The event was a great success, with almost twice as many participants as last time around. As usual, it was nice to see all the familiar faces but also to meet some new ones! The event also happened to be covered by an American journalist from New York Times! In the article, link here, a shot of a Celegin Treudd is found!

Leonard Celegin – the founder of Celegin Precision Timing – at Oslo Swap Meet in February 2023.
Photo by Niko Óst.

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