When our first diver, Treudd (ref. KA1F) “Founder’s limited edition” was launched, the general idea was to follow up with a non-limited version with a black bezel insert (ref. KA1S). In fact, next to the numerous requests to retain the golden trident on the dial, the request for a black bezel insert was the most common. And yet we’re changing our plans. Here’s why and what we plan to do.

Celegin Treudd S (ref. KA1S) that we’ve decided to develop further into two new concepts.

Evolution of a concept

The first drawings of the Treudd happened way before Celegin Precision Timing was founded. Some of the design elements; the case, the case back trident and the hands, are defining the Treudd concept in a way that if they’d be changed, the whole concept would change. We wouldn’t want that.

At the same time, a year after the production of the first version was started, we’ve learned a lot of what works and what we want to develop. As usual, the number of ideas and possible permutations make it rather a question of what we chose to do rather than what we would want to do since we of course would want to make all the nice versions we can think of. Therefore, we’ve decided to do more than just changing the bezel insert color.

Not one, but two new versions!

Unless we change our minds again, The Treudd concept will evolve into the following two directions:

Treudd Professional (ref. KA1P)

Treudd ’57 (ref. K57*)

(* will be replaced by the colorway of the corresponding version – we hope to make more than one)

Treudd Professional

While the original Treudd (KA1F) had a combination of function and design, the Treudd Pro will be more utilitarian. It will be a no-date version, with a sandblasted case and monochrome dial and hands (no brushed or polished) surfaces. The bezel will be all black and the watch will retain the 41mm case (meaning 42.5mm bezel diameter). The water resistance will be 30 ATM (or higher, let’s see).

The illumination of BGW9 of the KA1F and KA1S will of course be retained.

Treudd ’57

While the name might give associations to another famous diver, the ’57 is primarily deducted from the inception year of when the Swedish Coastal Rangers: 1957. Unlike the Treudd Pro, the Treudd ’57 will be housed in our new 38mm case with a 39.5mm diameter across the bezel. The case will carry our signature brushed/polished surface combinations and the dial and hands will offer some polished surfaces making this watch as useful in open water as in the board room.

Swedish Coastal Rangers disembarking from a chopper in the 1960’s
(Image from Wikipedia)

Planned release: summer of 2024

Given that we’re somewhat behind on our current release schedule, we realistically have to conclude that the new Treudd versions won’t be released until sometime next year.

What about everybody who wanted a Treudd S?

All of this doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t make a version of the Treudd S sometime in the future. When and if we do, it will be more than just a bezel color change compared to our first version.

The Treudd S (KA1F) prototype